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The Double

Dreamed and © Nov. 1992 by Julie Doucet.
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Black and white comic of a dream by Julie Doucet. She's bored at a bohemian party and tries to leave.
Black and white comic of a dream by Julie Doucet. She finds a huge mirror, gets dizzy, goes lucid, but stays in the dream.
Black and white comic of a dream by Julie Doucet. She turns herself into a man.
Black and white comic of a dream by Julie Doucet. Julie-the-man lures Julie-the-reflection to come through the mirror. They kiss...


It's no fluke that Julie goes lucid. She says "This party is boring", but notice it's full of prompts that it's a dream--the faucet-head, the pointy-eared guy, the girl with a corkscrew hand and a hook. Lucid-dreaming tutorials online often follow Stephen LaBerge's assumption that lucid dreaming's all about the conscious taking control--that you gotta train hard to consciously catch subtle discrepancies. But what if some dreams sometimes want you to go lucid? Julie's dreams are so full of hints they're dreams that it looks to me like they hope she'll catch on--as in fact she does.

And, conversely, if your dreams fight lucidity tooth & nail, maybe it's not that dreams are nuts & you the conscious need to impose sanity. Maybe they have issues they want you to address before you get to have lucid fun... Doucet style. Keep an open mind, that's all I'm saying.

This is a sample from Julie Doucet's collection of dream-comics, My Most Secret Desire. Dark, dense, and intense, her dreams are full of sex (and sex changes), birth, cats, crazy guys, nightmares, several recurring dreams, surreal touches, and flashes of lucidity (as here). One of very few cartoonists to have published a whole book of dream-comix, and one of VERY few women to manage it. Strongly recommended for dreamaholics.

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