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Albatross Love

Dreamed c. 1880? by Havelock Ellis.

... I once, as a youth, had a vivid dream of an albatross that became transformed into a woman, the beautiful eyes of the albatross taking on a womanly expression, but the bird's beak only being imperfectly changed into a nose as the birdwoman murmured, 'Do you love me ?'

--Havelock Ellis--

A problem we've all had now and then--the friend with some lovely features who just doesn't turn you on. What do you answer? Awkward! The whole relationship could end up an albatross around your neck.

But that's what strikes me about Ellis's dream: the social, sexual, ethical and emotional problems it poses. What Ellis sees, though, is the physical image: a beautiful woman deformed by ugly protruberances. It's a recurring theme in his dreams: see his Molluscum Fibrosum for a second example.

--Chris Wayan

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