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Havelock Ellis

This is a stub. Eventually, when I have a brain, it will blossom into a witty description of the peculiar Mr. Ellis, history's most scientific voyeur until Kinsey... For now, just read his dreams--and his crazy interpretations.

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ALBATROSS LOVE: by Havelock Ellis; c. 1880?, a dream of unrequited love
An albatross with beautiful eyes transformed into a woman. But her nose remained a beak! She asked...
ELLIS CRITIQUE: by Wayan; 2008/12/10, four dreams comically challenge Havelock Ellis's dream-theories!
Pa warns me to protect my paws. Then gilt wounds my sole. Then
a lioness eats a tasty drumstick. Then a bus crashes on our corner--for real!
HEART-SWING: by Havelock Ellis; c.1920? a dream-conversation with a heart
A young woman and I swing one another into the air. I asked her to swing me more slowly and regularly...
HELL HALL: by Anonymous #3; c.1920?, a dream of initiatory cannibalism
A revival meeting goes bad--suicides, 'long pig', a hell-pit. If you sup with the devil, carry a long fork!
I WANT A SHILLING: Anonymous #4; c.1920?, a dream on the precise value of ideals
I'm at a lecture on Art, Beauty and the Nude, but no one paid the model and he wants a drink...
MOLLUSCUM FIBROSUM: by Havelock Ellis; c. 1920? A surreal dream of... sex? medicine?
A woman models an elegant gown baring her breasts. All five of them. Wait, those aren't breasts, they're...
THE PERFECT MUSICAL GENIUS: by "Agnes"; before 1922, a Romantic romantic dream.
I'm to be martyred. I ask if the man I love can strangle me. Yes! I say farewell to our hermaphroditic genius baby...
SELVDROLLA: by Havelock Ellis; before 1922, an ignored prescriptive dream
A doctor tells Ellis to try "selvdrolla", but he's so focused on the strange name he forgets the prescription...

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