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Molluscum Fibrosum

Dreamed c. 1920? by Havelock Ellis.

The tendency of the dream image to be ever changing, ever putting forth some new feature which more or less radically alters its nature, is not a phenomenon of precisely the same nature as the tendency for two definite images, well known to waking consciousness, to become fused together, consciously or unconsciously, in dreams. Practically, however, there is no line of demarcation. What happens is that the image is ever spontaneously changing, and that each change is at once recognised by dreaming consciousness as a known object.

Thus I dreamed that I was in a drawing-room and saw a beautiful and attractive woman with an unusually low evening dress entirely revealing the breasts; then, between the breasts, three additional nipples appeared, and I realised in my dream that here was a case of supernumerary breasts of sufficient scientific interest to be carefully examined later on; and then, as I gazed, I saw a number of little fleshy nipple-like protuberances on the body, and thereupon I realised that I was really looking at a case of the rare skin disease termed molluscum fibrosum.

--Havelock Ellis--

Funny, what I notice here isn't a flow of neutral image-associations. I see a dream-woman with weird protuberances that spoil her for Mr. Havelock Ellis! (And she recurs in his dreams: for a second example, see Albatross Love--her beak's too big for him.)

Though he pioneered sexology, Ellis himself apparently had no lovers--women, men, albatrosses, molluscs... We fascinated him--clinically--at a safe distance. And I think it shows in his dreams.

--Chris Wayan--

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