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Boys Don't Cry

Dreamed 2000/1/7 by Wayan


When I first built the World Dream Bank I was biased toward epic, exotic dreams--I favored fully developed stories showing dreamwork was more magical, beautiful and fun than people think.

But now I'm going through old journals and finding a lot of apparently predictive & telepathic dreams like this--hard to write up as stories, even plotless, but evidence that the waking world is rather more magical than people think. Too.

Dream 1: DATE WITH THE DEAD My date transforms from cute to plain to a dead woman. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

A friend I'm attracted to invites me to a movie. But when we get there, she gradually transforms from my date to my housemate Alder, who I'm NOT attracted to. I'm disappointed at this metamorphic switch, but I don't ask myself how this could happen or suspect it's a dream.

The ticket seller is arguing with a jerk who's trying to pick up tickets held in reserve for others--first claims his name is Smith, and when there are no tickets under that name, insists he's really Jones, then Roberts... Transparent lies, yet the ticketer keeps dutifully checking the names, while our line grows and grows...

At last, disgusted, unable to buy a ticket, Alder decides to sneak in. We walk right past the dimwit ticket-taker. The theater is roofless! The sky's overcast but still too light for show films. I wonder how long till dark. Even then the film will be muddy at best--the screen is ratty unpainted wood.

Now Alder seems to be my friend Beryl, which is odd since she died of breast cancer years ago. Now I'm dating the dead? Beryl leads me to the far right, past rough wooden walls of several shacks and old garages; the outdoor theater seems to be behind a bunch of back yards.

We sit on bleachers and eat a snack, witing for the film. But a bunch of loud guys come with power tools and start fixing the wall or the bleacher-frame. The noise drives us back toward the center. Deer-headed dancers. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

As we pass one back yard, big and ramshackle as a farm, with a tool shed smothered in ivy, Alder-Beryl tells me "I have past-life memories of that farm and its owner. I think I had an affair with him!"


Now I'm heading home to my parents' house, still without seeing the movie. And now my date isn't Alder OR Beryl, but my sister Miriel. I feel guilty, but still attracted to her--she looks so hot.

In the foyer, Miriel looks through the mail, and hands me a magazine. Crack it open. Mostly pictures. Pictures that move. Animated pages.

The first story's set in Northern Mexico, down in Copper Canyon I think--two Deer Dancers stripped to loincloths. Mock deer heads, hooves, tails. Traditionally the men dance this, since the deer hunters are guys and they need to learn the deer's habits; but for the first time, girls are dancing the deer roles. Sexy! Olympic skater Kristi Yamaguchi with hair dyed blonde as seen in a dream by Wayan.

The next story has ice dancers, in a show introduced by and starring Olympic medalist Kristi Yamaguchi. Oddly, she's dyed her hair dark blonde.

The ice dance is just as sexy as the deer-dance. I get turned on--all I can think about now is sex. With Miriel. My sister.

Miriel starts telling me about an old sexual trauma, but decides talk's not enough; she has to act it out.

So she lies on her back, pulls up her dress, spreads her legs wide, pulls her panties off to the side and points to her cunt and clit and demands "What's WRONG with me?" My sister acts seductive, but there's a ghost in the house. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

I examine her, say "Miriel... nothing's wrong," and start fondling her cunt as she squirms and gasps.

I'm sure this will heal both of us. I think "This is it--closure! Just once, we'll fuck, and then get over it and have a normal love life."

But then I hear a faint voice in the house. We're not alone! I feel uneasy and go to see who's there... before we dare get naked.

The voice is louder out in the hall, but no one's here--could it be next door? Down the hall to my parents' room. Empty, but the voice is louder still. Sounds like a TV either upstairs or down... except this is a one-floor ranch home! Wind above, stone below.

I go back to Miriel, a bit shaken by this ghost-voice, but determined not to let spooks stop me... and as we peel our clothes off to do it at last...

I wake.


TWO DAYS LATER Poster for film BOYS DON'T CRY. Click to enlarge.

Today my parents visited and invited me out to the Embarcadero Theater to see Boys Don't Cry. Their choice surprised me, given the heavy subject--based on the true story of how tranny Brandon Teena was murdered. Won Oscars, but so grim I wasn't sure I wanted to see it.

Now my dream seems very different--full of references to a film I had no immediate plans to see!


Yellow-eyed spook. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

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