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Beryl Garp

My friend Beryl [pseudonym] shows up in my dreams as a trickster with a sometimes ghoulish sense of humor. That was partly her real personality, partly her work--nursing in a big hospital forces black humor on you, it's that or go crazy--and partly how she died, which my dreams anticipated--see The Breast Bandit and Beryl's Dog Days. But then her own dreams anticipated it too, as in Coffins.

--Chris Wayan--

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BERYL BORROWED IT: by Wayan, 1986/3/8, an absurd dream.
My friend Beryl borrows my ass and legs to become a centaur so she won't fall over. I want them back, so...
BERYL'S DOG DAYS: by Wayan; 1988/1/25, a psychic dream farce.
My friend Beryl wants me to help rob a bank, so she can cut off her breasts and be a great opera singer...
BERYL'S KUNDALINI: by Wayan; 1997/8/26, a clarifying dream.
My friend Beryl's ghost makes mad love to me--just long enough to swipe my Kundalini energy...
THE BREAST BANDIT: by Wayan, 1984/5/31, an embarrassing dream.
I'm bad. I'm really bad. I know I shouldn't have done it. But my mail-order breasts were late...
COFFINS: by Beryl and Wayan; 1983/11/5, dark parallel dreams
Ghoulish games backstage at a psychodrama theater. Eerily similar dreams the same night--and THEN they turn out to be predictive...
HARE HEAVEN: by Wayan; 1998? Digital dream sketch.
I dreamed my friend Beryl's soul was a giant rabbit, arguing in paradise with our mutual guardian angel...
HEARN'S BEAST: by Wayan; 1986/2/18, a dream fable.
Inside an evacuated region, the Lafcadio Hearn Zone, I meet the monster thousands fled...
LEARNING SCALES: by Wayan; 1985/6/26, an epic dream of Chinese dragons.
I find myself in astral China. The Empress is banished, the Jester rules. Wisdom is lost. We need a Dragon...
SKEPTIC AND DRAGONFLY: by Wayan; 1988/1/28 and 2/8, twin flying dreams.
Big Blonde and her officemates don't believe in flight; but the dragonfly-girl I meet hatched in mid-air...
THINGS WASH OFF: by Wayan; 2009/4/22, a dream fingering the cause of a breakup; Dreamverse #49
Those Hollywood lovers in the tub seem perfect together, until... oh, read the title!
THIRTY DAYS; 1980/4/15-16 by Wayan; a poem on an ill-timed premonition--or something worse
Did hotspring-sex turn creepy because I sensed the madman stalking us? Or did sex-without-love summon him?

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