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Dreams of rabbits and hares. They aren't overgrown rodents, you know--those big front teeth are parallel evolution, a grass-eater's adaptation. New genetic evidence says rabbits' closest relatives are... us! Primates. Humans. Don't believe it? Long hind legs, not much tail, smart for their size, live in tribes and towns, obsessed with status and pecking order, but even more obsessed with sex, sex, sex... sound familiar?

Face it. We're big, bold, bald, killer bunnies.

RELATED TOPICS: primates - cats (our next-closest relatives!) - deer - cows, goats, sheep - horses - unicorns - animal people - community - just to be thorough, rodents, OK? - Other trickster figures: coyotes - ravens and crows - foxes - dream humor - See also the full INDEX OF SUBJECTS.

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ACORN AND PELT: by Wayan; 1983/7/19, a simple sex dream growing to a mystical extravaganza
I fall in love, defying dwarf-tossers and Toulouse-Lautrec, till I become a time-traveling bunny...
ANIMAL HEAVEN: by Wayan; 2008/8/16, an astral dream-poem; Dreamverse #6.
At a party in Animal Heaven, I fall for a rabbit-girl doomed to be human dinner. How can I rescue her? I'm Fate's part-time intern!
BAD NANCY!: by "Nancy"; March 1985, a prodromal/diagnostic dream
A second me punches me in the breast. I fight back, yelling "Bad Nancy! Bad Nancy!" Five months later I find a malignancy...
THE BARRINGTON BUNNY: by Wayan; 1988/8/30, a world-saving alien-abduction dream
Alien robots kidnap me... and make me the mascot for a college football team. But my Channel Changer slowly infuses us all with nerdy trust...
THE BORIS BADENOV SOLUTION: by Wayan; 1989/2/10, a dream of puns.
My evil twin, Boris Badenov, wants $8000 or else. I ask my dreams for a solution, and get one...
BUGS AND ROOSEVELT: by Wayan; 1982/5/2, a wild comic predictive dream told as an illustrated epic poem
I become Bugs Bunny and torment Daffy Duck till I learn that in many time-branches the New Deal happened late or never. I decide to prod a reluctant Franklin Delano Roosevelt...
CLOSE THE GATE: by Emily Joy; 2004/11/19, a dream of decision.
My foxy lover teases and tempts, but I can't let him into the patio for fear he'll hurt the rabbits…
EMBARKATION, or, THIS PORTAL COIL: by Wayan; 2013/8/28, a magical dream on dreams
A spiral pillow-path leads to an astral portal. But creatures arriving and departing jam the same path! Squeeze by, hop over, apologize... flirt?
THE ERTHEDNI: by Wayan, 1977/1/8, three transformation dreams, the last with advice
1: I'm starving in a lush valley; a cult claims all the food, the water, even the air.
2: I'm drowning in a cage but find a corner with water I can breathe--just barely.
3: I'm a merman with a wise friend who hints I need to leave those who starve & drown me...
HARE HEAVEN: by Wayan; 1998? Digital dream sketch.
I dreamed my friend Beryl's soul was a giant rabbit, arguing in paradise with our mutual guardian angel...
HEDGEHOG AND WHITE RABBIT: by Wayan; 1972/12/1, a dream love story.
Hedgehog and White Rabbit stick together, through the snipers on Broadway, through the dogs of winter, through cannibal soup...
THE HEDGEHOG DISPENSARY: by Wayan; 2004/10/2, a watercolor dream-comic of a furry ambitopia. (Small screen, slow loading? Text w/pics)
A rabbit shaman makes his student drape dead hedgehogs round her neck til she bleeds. How to free her?
HOP: by Emily Joy, Maddie, and Kathe, 2004/3/31; three linked dreams of a single character
Three friends in one bed dream three dreams in one night about a talking rabbit with a persistent request...
INVOKE THE ANIMAL POWERS (or was it PROVOKE?): by Wayan; 2008/9/9, a dream-poem, Dreamverse #24
A children's performance of "Where the Wild Things Are" turns into a riot-orgy. Why do I think it's all about politics?
KARMA AND HER SISTERS: by Emily Joy; 2006/12/27, a happy sexy flying dream that turned tragic.
One boring lonely day, I meet a cute teenage bunny who wants to play with me! But half an hour later…
THE KENNERBIRD: by Wayan; 1973/5/20; a naive shamanic dream.
I'm a cartoon flamingo; with my sisters, the frog and the rabbit-squirrel, I meet our Maker--the cartoonist...
THE LABORATORY UNDERGROUND: by Anna Kingsford; 1880/2/2; an animal-rights nightmare.
I find myself in a vault with tables where half-dissected animals writhe. Hidden in each was a human shape...
LEARN TO FLY: by Hexx-Kitty; 2006/7/15, a nightmare image.
This big red rabbit in a straitjacket was chasing me through a big gothic mental asylum. Scared me silly...
LEARNING SCALES: by Wayan; 1985/6/26, an epic dream of Chinese dragons.
I find myself in astral China. The Empress is banished, the Jester rules. Wisdom is lost. We need a Dragon...
LITTLE BROWN RABBITS IN THE MEADOW: by Jenny Badger Sultan; 2009/3/20; a painting from the Box of Dreams
I visit a friend's ramshackle cottage--trees grow through the walls. But glorious meadows! Spring at last...
PEGGY’S CAKE: by Jenny Badger Sultan; l998/10/26 , a nightmare plus surrealist painting.
At a party I meet a friend I thought was dead. She’s become a small talking rabbit made of cake, and I...
PENTALEMMA: by Wayan; 2002/3/10 to 2006/5/1?, a 13-page nondream improv-comic on our conflicting goals. Mine, at least!
Hypnotized in therapy, I saw AT LEAST five competing goals I have to balance. So come tour the Inner Solar System of our desires...
PINK EARS: by Mike Marrelli, 2.2MB (MP3 + lyrics)
A sea-chanty mourning how Nic's stuffed bunny fell overboard into San Francisco Bay...
RABBIT WORLD: by Wayan; 260K total, 6-page comic of a 1990/9/26 dream.
I'm a telepathic rabbit defending our world from space-laser attack. We do, but do we modernize too much?
SCALES: by Wayan; 640 x 400, 1992. Digital sketch of a dream scene.
I was on a terrace overlooking a waterfall, where a giant rabbit and a musical dragon told me...
TARDIS GAZEBO: by Wayan; a 3-page digital dream-comic, 1993/2/17
Solve a pictographic riddle and you can fly, shapeshift, work magic! But someone doesn't want us solving dream-riddles...
WATERSHIP DOWNTRODDEN: by Wayan; 1983/6/22, a dream of another life.
I'm an intelligent rabbit in an alphamale's harem, organizing a feminist movement...

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