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1998. Digital drawing by Chris Wayan

My friend Beryl died of breast cancer. Years before she died, or was even diagnosed, I dreamed I met her soul. We talked on a terrace in a pagan heaven. At last, she dived into a waterfall, to reincarnate.

Funny thing was... her soul wasn't a woman, but a giant, earnest white rabbit. Shades of Wonderland... or "Harvey". I never could see her after that without thinking of her that way...

Anyway, in that dream we met an archangel who gave us uncomfortable advice. I've painted how she appeared to us (a dragon-musician) before, so today I'll draw this angel you meet at death the way Neil Gaiman describes her in SANDMAN. I think he has Death about right. At least our dragon-angel had a remarkably similar personality:

Smart, loving, but profoundly impatient with self-deluding bullshit.

My friend Beryl, her soul a white rabbit, talks happily with Death in Heaven

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