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Bone Carvings

Dreamed c.1999 by Larry Vigon

I was in a house at the beach. I was standing at a screen door looking out to a cove-like area. Looking through the screen I saw my old girlfriend Susie ___. She was sitting in the sand when her husband came up to her; he said something and they ran away together. I thougth she still looked very pretty but also thought she had put on a little too much weight in her rear end.

I went outside, as I walked to the shore line I saw a dead horse buried almost entirely in the sand. To the side of me down the beach a little ways was a crowd of people. I went over to see what was going on but by this time the crowd was gone. There was a teenage boy covering the skeleton of another horse with sand. The boy was deaf but knew when I was speaking to him.

He said "Are you here for the coin?" I didn't know what he meant but realized the coin was a contribution to another boy. I was brushing the sand off the horse skeleton and saw that all the bones had been beautifully carved showing some kind of symbols. We talked about something to do with the other boy, (I wish I could remember what was said).

This teenage boy seemed to have some mystic aura about him.

16 cartoon bunny heads with same graphic elements distorted; drawing by Larry Vigon.

Source: Larry Vigon's book Dream, 2006. Unpaged, dreams untitled. Date estimated from sequence, title added, and Susie's last name removed for privacy. However,
the juxtaposition of fat-shaming, skeletons, numinous deaf boys and surreal bunny heads is all Vigon. Where anyone else'd sketch those carvings, we get... them.

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