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Riding My Unicorn

1993, digital picture-poem by Chris Wayan.

I'm single and shy, so I asked my dreams for an image of my true love. I dreamt of a maiden in love with a unicorn--but they were both a bit strange...

Rubs naked on me
Her eager smell.
Her girl-longing's
a slip-slide oil
to make a magic
stallion boil!
She talks,
She teases,
showing me
she has a mind;
showing her she's nice.
As hot toes roam!
I like her.
I'll lick her!
Will she
Drink me?
Knows she the change?
Loves she the spell, or me?
When her brow bears a healing horn,
Will she then mourn
Her lost mortality?
Am I but a vampire,
Justifying my parasitic...
Heart's desire?

girl on unicorn's back, playing with his tail (and other things) with her toes

Don't talk.
Don't waste your tender
tongue on talk.
Wash me, rough,
warm lava on my thigh.
Lick the salt trickle
of my supple nipple.
O lap my leg-lip-rose!
YOU mount,
YOU ride!
O how I've tried
To slicken,
to stretch,
to be worthy of
Your vast hot and furry love.
I'll wide
my heart
I'll wide
my puss
For you, you,
you alone.
For us.


It makes a steamy picture-poem, but it's awkward advice: where do you meet unicorns? How do you know them when you meet them?
They hide their horns, in the day, these days. Unicorn tapestry: I lay my head in a maiden's lap and look in a mirror. Unicorn tapestry: I lay my head in a maiden's lap and look in a mirror.

2001 NOTE

It took this long for me to wonder...who says I was the maiden?
Am I a unicorn unaware of my own magic?
Why, then all I need is a nice pervert girl... who prefers magic to men.

Unicorn tapestry: I lay my head in a maiden's lap and look in a mirror.

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