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The Power Behind The Gods

Dreamed 1972/10/25 by Wayan
for Shiva, and J. Robert Oppenheimer

My friend, a mid-sized god, wryly asks me
"Who gave you this idea the gods were free?
Olympians rule, yes, despite serpents in the grass.
But we rule within the bounds of a Power ominous."

And the old Power's fallen, whipped by a New;
It interviews the pantheon, tells each: "You
must obey My whispered say-so." Of course I too
am in line--last & least--but I run away, deny. By

going inner-tubing! Bring my Nametag of Office and
the Magic Squirtgun. When the New lopes after me,
last & least, I shpritz the Power Behind on its Behind
then dive into a world with physics secular. I land

in a flowered yard. It leaps for me, in wrath, but here
under laws banal, It manifests as yappy Doglet. Ha.
Tyrant kenneled! Frees the gods to do as they will,
and they'll do good! The choice so long denied; for

the Tyrants Behind the Gods, both Old and New,
"Chose strangely" as my god-friend sighed,
"and most ill." Last & least, I wake satisfied,
and almost well. At last at peace.

Boy shoots chihuahua on fence with squirtgun. Words: 'I am become Chihuahua, Destroyer of Worlds.' Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


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