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Nest, Eggs and Legs

dreamed l993/9/7 (at 2:04 AM!) painted as "Transformation in the Caves", 1993, acrylic on canvas, 60" x 49"; by Jenny Badger

The first part of this dream has flown away.

I find myself in a store or gathering place. I meet a man who is familiar to me. We talk about what we've been doing; he's been traveling and teaching. Then, as we stand there, he offers to do some kind of psychic energizing or clearing on me. As he breathes energy down through me, I go into an altered state. I don't see the world around me, just sense vibrations going through me. Then I somehow sense a powerful woman we both know (Susan Cervantes?). I'm standing between them, one in front of me, the other behind me. She is joining in with him in this process. I'm a bit nervous about this, unsure if I can trust it, but there is no going back.

One of them says "Now imagine that you are sitting on your nest with your eggs." I see the eggs! They're big--about six by ten inches. "Your legs are detachable and you can place them comfortably in this nest with your eggs." Eggs and legs?

And it's really happening. It's like something from Castaneda. Humming, vibration, light, energy flow. Being in the nest, legs acting as a containing element for eggs. Don't have to worry about pains of crossing legs--as in yoga--because legs are detachable.

Perhaps they always were.

dream-based acrylic painting, 'Transformation in the Caves', by Jenny Badger; 1993, 60


Jenny titled the painting "Transformation in the Caves", a more abstract and dignified phrase than "Nest, Eggs and Legs", to be sure. I admit I'm the sort who likes the blend of transcendence and silliness in the original dream, so I retained its title in her dream-journal for this page.

--Chris Wayan--

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