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Dreamed 1995/6/28 by Chris Wayan

I time-travel a long way forward... though it feels strangely medieval.

At last I reach a legendary place, where a young girl with a sword is charged with a heroic task. It's near-undoable, but she might just manage it; for her sword is magic. Well, this is the future, so it's done with microcircuits inside. That's handy: the magic sword is programmable.

Unfortunately, her sword's programming seems to have a bug that brings her terrible luck.

I brought along what I hope is a solution--a small wad of art paper, squeezed so tight it's like a crystal. In this future age, doped crystals function like our microchips. This one's doped with ink--it's a crushed drawing of mine. I borrow her sword, pop open the hollow hilt, and substitute my paperwad for the crystal that's been causing so much trouble, so many bad breaks.

It installs correctly! Close up the sword, and she hefts it. Seems fine. She runs through her practice moves, sweeping the great sword round her kitchen. It performs beautifully. She's back in business!

Oval cartoon of teenager in dark blue dress swinging her magic sword in the kitchen. Words around the drawing say 'Practice is difficult'.
Rebooting clean won't solve everything. She's still beset by external troubles, some of them inherent in her quest, some brought on by that bad-luck program. But at least this new crystal won't attract any more trouble! From here on out, it's just cleanup time.

I've been trying to change that core program for months, for years--and at last it's done.



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