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Dreamed 1998/11/18 by Chris Wayan

A blondish girl's head A blondish dog-girl's head

A woman I know has an alien friend. She's furry, rather canine, but purrs if you pet her. She's not as smart as a human--she's smarter. But then, her human friend's gifted too. In fact the two are oddly similar except for species--both skinny, nervous, affectionate, smart, sensitive girls. Her hair and the alien's fur are even the same blondish color. Sisters, I guess.

Then I don't hear from them for months. Friends say they went on a long adventure--a quest for something? Then, suddenly, they're back in town. I'm curious to hear their story and call to make a cafe date with them.

I'm there early, so I grab us a table. But the human girl comes in alone, holding a large, furry vase. She sets it with care in a chair, and says "You remember my friend, right?" and waves at the vase!

And it's true. She's changed into this. It looks ceramic, like something poured into a mold, yet it's covered with fur, and feels like the alien girl. I pick up the vase and feel her distinctive aura--warm and sensitive. I wouldn't just grab a human girl and plop her in my lap, but the dog girl always loved to be petted. The vase begins to purr... Feels weirdly sexy, she's getting me hot! Though I won't tell her friend that. Purr, purr... pet, pet.

I worry about chipping her, but her human friend says "Her new body's material strengthens over time. It seems pretty tough now." She has strange markings: spiraling around her sides are sinuous lines of spots, that look like pairs of musical notes--ascending thirds, to be exact.

She's turned into a MUSICAL sculpture?

In a cafe, my friend introduces me to a big furry vase dappled with musical notes.
What happened on that quest of theirs?

And can she be turned back?

And then, feeling her purr, I have to stop and ask myself: does she WANT to be?


Paired spots = 1. STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE 9 killed off a character I liked, Judzia-Dax, a girl with a symbiotic alien inside; she had spots in paired lines on her skin. 2. Wrote a sappy love song yesterday with a harmony part rich in thirds. If the song is the musical alien in the dream, then my unconscious seems to like the song even if it doesn't make much sense.

ACTION: Sing it to your music class for the final exam! No one else will be doing original material, but so what?


I sang it. I was terrified. They loved it.

NOTE, 2003:

I didn't see any of Jim Woodring's visionary comics for another year or two, yet the vase in my dream, holding this alien girl's soul, looked exactly like one of Woodring's depictions of souls--psychedelic, abstract, vase-like rotifer shapes.

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