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Dreamed 2011/1/11 by "bizekidz7"

I dreamed of a man and his soon-to-be-ex-wife. They seemed to be having a "friendly" divorce. I don't know why this was significant enough to be part of the dream.

This couple and I were standing in front of a little red demon-being (maybe two and a half foot tall). The demon turned and went away quickly, then the man transformed into a gray elephant. He went thru a doorway and around a corner, and his trunk became very long and flowing as he followed after the demon in a relatively non-frantic chase.


I am a first-time dream writer. I tried to interpret the dream by typing in a key line on Google, but came up with nothing similar.

I think the man in the dream had a lot to do with a TV show I saw the other day. A couple being interviewed sat a couple feet apart and I thought "Probably they are no longer together". They were talking about their children. Then the man said something that was very deeply complimentary to a woman's perspective (a sweet "aaawwww" moment).

But what on earth could this mean TO ME? This man seemed to matter to me in the dream, I wasn't just dreaming about others as if standing outside the dream, watching, like some dreams are. Why did this man matter to me personally? I didn't feel especially frightened, even by the demon, but the man had a great deal of importance. But I don't understand why.



Strange image--I see why you're baffled!

Maybe the key is in the TV show? The way you describe it, you were surprised--this guy's body language said "estranged" or "breaking up" and then out pops this warm women-friendly insight. So maybe he means that empathetic side of you? The fact he matters to you in the dream hints that you're like him--you don't show your empathy in your body language, but behind the armor you relate better to women than you admit???

Total guesswork. Nor does it explain why he becomes an elephant. What's an elephant to you? If he was pink I'd guess he meant alcohol (google "Pink Elephants On Parade"!), but he could mean anything--wildness, brains, size, memory (a you-know-what never forgets). I don't really think the web or anyone else can help figure that out, it's gotta be some totally personal association with elephants.

Okay. Speculation #2: elephants have tough hides. That's what "pachyderm", their scientific name, means--thick skin. And I was guessing that the guy (in human form) may stand for your emotional armor/reserved body language/thick skin around women, hiding that you actually empathize a lot. A pachyderm fits that...

OK, it's a stretch. But the best I can come up with.

The one I'm curious about is the little red demon. Who the hell is HE? Seems important to know; your Inner Elephant seems to think he's trouble, and elephants aren't dumb...

--Chris Wayan

P.S. I'm not sure what all these dream critters mean, but you've inspired me to draw up a list of dreams on divorce, break-ups, and exes. The World Dream Bank had one for weddings and marriages from the start, but breaking up--and how you break up--seems just as important.

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