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1983/11/26 nondream/daydream painting (acrylic over blow-up of ink sketch, 14x17") about shyness toward a girl I met at a Thanksgiving party, by Chris Wayan

So, I'm trying to get the nerve up to ask this butterfly out on a date, even though she's probably too young for me and due for another metamorphosis or two. I'm feeling fairly human, only a modest touch of equine jitters--when I get nervous I tend to turn into a horse.

But the minute I admit I like her, a brutal old ghost behind me clamps its bear-clawed hand on my head! And the worst part is, the monster shows evidence of feathers! It may be wings, my own shamanic wings--powers I've disowned, frustrated to the point they'll sabotage all the goals and girls on earth.

I'm in profile, talking to a green teenage butterfly with 70s hair. I cross my feel awkardly. A monster grabs my shoulders--or does it grow from them, is it wings grown a face?
Till I own up to my wings. And fly.

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