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Mark's Dissolve

Dreamed 2015/7/31 by Wayan
For all of you who'll die.
Oh, right, that's all of you.

At last I learnt the trick--to find
the tunnel to the spirit world. Ride

a cab to the gaping mouth, to show
a friend those lips so she can go
inside alone. Astrality

once dizzied me; still does a bit,
but practice ripened miracle to
calm practicality.

In Laurel Heights, run into my
old friend Mark. Looks tired;
life worn down bone-thin.
He's readying to die. I
say "You only have a few
epiphanies left; if you
have loose ends to tie
or cut... cut clean."

Stroll the evening streets, as sky
purples. Feel death circle. Hold
his hand and say "I'm glad
I was your friend." And then
his hand dissolves and he
evaporates into the spirit plane.

Gone to ether, air and sun.
As our dying have always done.

I wake in a hot flash at 4 AM. Ache and sweat; heart pounds. Moved, but neither grief nor fear--feel a strange emotional restraint. A wary sense that I mustn't box myself in, assume I know what the dream means. Go back to sleep without writing it, but even next morning, I remember.


Funny--in that dreamworld where bodies evaporated at death, we took for granted they were just avatars of our souls, gone when we... log off. In the waking world, most take it for granted the reverse is true: souls are mere artifacts, illusions. What if we're wrong?

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