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Feb. 2002, improvised comic in ink (later digitally colored) by Chris Wayan

I had a headache. Yoga didn't work. Aspirin didn't work. I couldn't sleep. So I started doodling, asking for a headache-cure to appear in cartoon form. I figured "Why not--it works for my dreams..." Call it an experiment in treating the undream world like a dream... what the hell, I was desperate.

I found myself drawing Alma, a grumpy girl, and her friend Jill, who lifts weights, enraging Alma for some reason... and then things got out of hand.

A tall comics page (ink digitally tinted). Alma, a grumpy girl, meets her friend Jill, who lifts weights, enraging Alma for some reason. Jill unfolds angel-wings and flies away! Alma just sulks, and starts masturbating. Jill returns and says 'don't distract yourself with sex.' So Alma gobbles a sandwich instead. Jill scolds her for that too, insisting work is the cure. Alma shrieks 'NO! Anything but THAT!' But then I notice... while drawing this story, my headache disappeared! 'So', I conclude, 'Even if your angel's like Jill--a blonde pest--LISTEN!'
OK, it's not on the level of Yeats's automatic writing. Or even Jane Roberts and her Seth books. But it WORKED! For the first time in human history, drawing cured (rather than caused) a headache. Cartoonists take note. Dreamers take note! Treat the waking world like a dream--ask for a solution and then just let yourself go.

Take it from Jill the Pest. You'll be glad you did.

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