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Freebird Tower

Dreamed 1975/1/10 by Wayan

I'm a bird-girl nesting in a tower.
Graceful gem in a Lloyd Wright style,
Castle on a hill.

Rich rotten royals own it. Bad how,
You ask? They think they own me too,
Treat me as their pet.

I spiral round the eaves, spot all
The nesting nooks of a thousand birds
Groundlings never see.

I rouse them! Call "Birds all! Birds all!"
Out the wingwild thunder, curl the tower
In a helical swirl.

Bird-cyclone lures an inundation
Moating the mansion till it's too isolate
For a fine estate.

Out go the rich! This new islet I declare
A feral sanctuary. Wing-home! Our
Freebird Tower.

Bird girl leads a huge flock of wild birds swirling round a stone tower. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


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