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What You Imagine Happens

Dreamed 1982/2/21 by Wayan

Bus careens down switchbacks, held up not by wheels but a herd of small animals. Dream sketch by Wayan.
I dream of a world sans natural law. Natives say
it runs on expectations. But how? And why?
Mr. Spock is here, concocting formulae
to model it. But math just blocks my way.

They say "It's simple: what you picture
happens. Not mystical! A mundane fact.
Free thought's a hazard--discipline or die!
Rein that Earth imagination. Let it act

wild here with idle fears, and they will come
to prove you a fool in our continuum."
And I'm one. I fail to calm my inner eye.
I'm one. They come.

They kidnap us and put us on a bus. Careen
down canyon-walls. Steep switchbacks. We
victims try to picture bus-parts cracking off,
to cause a crash, escape. But I fear we'll run

right off a cliff! Still witch the wheels, and then
an axle grinding loose to clang, dance, fall,
but bus steers on! Impossible. Lean out, find all
along beneath the chassis, a horde of small

beasts a-gallop under our hijack have been
bearing us furback! Teemwork carries tons!
As if we're heroes on a cheering fan-mob borne,
quantum volunteers uphold us, all unknown.

Here, matter doesn't matter. Awareness alone
sustains us. But no seeing-eye god. Well, not one.
Buddhahood of lemmings, raccoons. Of squirrels!
And not just one bus; they carry all the worlds.


Small animals together lift a bus. Dream sketch by Wayan.

Since this dream's plot didn't resolve, I never wrote it up for the World Dream Bank; but the image haunted me. So did the dream's argument that reality's not Newton's clock or Buddha's dream, but a cooperative creation. Late in January 2015, I tried casting it as a poem, not a story.

After four days of polishing my account of wishing an axle'd break under me... it did. Three days with no wheels. Garages. Bills.

So don't tell me wishin' don't make it so.

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