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Dreamed 1995/4/9, painted digitally 2002 & 2003 by Chris Wayan

I just joined a group of superheroes. We all can fly, but our other powers are all different. I'm new to this, and rather shy about it all. I'm trying to design a costume that'll strengthen my powers, or at least not get in the way when I fly around. I dream I'm a superhero ashamed of the silly suit--but it helps me fly.

But... also something that won't stereotype me. I mean, you have to talk to normal people and go shopping sometimes! I feel embarrassed in tights. I don't WANT to show off my body. My legs are skinny and my breasts are too small.

But the more I fly, the more I notice... loose clothes flap in the wind, and slow me down! I'm considering a capelike thing anchored to my hands and feet, like a flying squirrel's membranous "wing". In street clothes, I can rise up and float the way I want to go, even against the wind... but when you're saving the world, drifting just isn't enough. I need speed--speed and agility. On our next mission, we have to zoom over the ocean at night to raid a place that may have radar--we need to be able to dodge, FAST! What if I let the team down?

Will a custom costume make me a better flyer? Or do speed and agility just come with practice? I just don't know yet. My friends on the team never discuss it, and I'm embarrassed to bring it up: "Uh, say, do you fly better in that sleazy outfit, or do you just have, like, no taste at all?"

But I can't laugh any more at those girls in the metal swimsuits, the tights, and those silly fuck-me boots.

Because... maybe they work.

And I woke naked in bed, quite sure that dream was not, repeat not, about clothes. Behaviors! Flashy, attention-grabbing, tacky, silly, fuck-me behaviors. Behaviors that make you cringe. Well, me cringe.

Behaviors that may, just may, be that way, may be something I'd better learn to live with, better learn to use, because...

I'm a superhero taking off my super power ditzo boots after a hard day's work.
Because... maybe they work.

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