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Surrender to the White Buffalo

Dreamed 1970s? by Kathleen Sullivan (
23 "x28" acrylic painting by Brenda Ferrimani (

Acrylic painting titled 'Surrender to the White Buffalo' by Brenda Ferrimani illustrating a dream by Kathleen Sullivan. Woman sits unharmed through a buffalo stampede; a white buffalo leaps right over her. Click to enlarge.

I'm sitting on the prairie, cross legged and at peace. Suddenly I hear an unfathomable roar, a sound I have never heard before, accompanied by great, deep vibrations in the earth around me. Looking over my shoulder I see a gigantic herd of buffalo stampeding toward me. At first I panic, but then realize that since I can do nothing to avoid or alter this, I must surrender in peace to what is surely my death.

To my amazement I see the herd part as it reaches me. Hearing another amazing sound, I Iook over my head to see a glorious pure white buffalo flying through the air directly above me.

--Kathleen Sullivan

I'm not sure when Kathleen dreamed this--probably in the seventies, before she got her radio show and dream school started and wrote and published her book Recurring Dreams. She's the first woman in my Amazing Women's Dream's project. She feels this was an initiation dream when she first connected with the power she would need to achieve her goals in life.

--Brenda Ferrimani


Surrender is part of a collaborative series of paintings in which Ferrimani depicts others' key dreams; a second example is Above Society.

--Chris Wayan

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