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Brenda Ferrimani

Brenda Ferrimani paints dreams. Mostly you'll find her own dreams below, but there are a couple of examples of others' dreams as well.

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ABOVE SOCIETY: by Jayci Ferrimani; c. 1998, painting of a flying dream with a point
I flew over a forest. I noted the trees were all the same, and told myself to remember this...
CHART THE GROWTH: by Brenda Ferrimani; 2004, painting of an incubated, oracular dream
I asked my dreams "What's my truest purpose?" I dreamed my body was a tree, and a voice said "Chart the growth"...
DRACULA'S SANDWICH: by Brenda Ferrimani; 1997/8/22, a death/rebirth nightmare-painting
Dinner with Dracula goes well, considering, except for the mayonnaise. But suddenly I'm drowning! People don't see or hear me. Am I a ghost, am I dead or alive? And how would anyone notice?
ENLIGHTENMENT: by Brenda Ferrimani; 1999/3/9, painting of a non-apocalyptic dream
A crowd watches from shore as a great glowing meteor descends into the sea. I fear a tsunami, but...
FALL INTO FEAR: by Brenda Ferrimani; 2001/9/12, a 9/11 nightmare transformed by lucidity
I'm falling into endless darkness. I feel like screaming, but then I remind myself I'm dreaming. "What is for me here?" I demand. "SHOW ME!" I begin rising toward the stars. Huge metal discs with alien writing rise with me...
THE GIFTED CHILD: by Brenda Ferrimani, 2013?, a painting of an incubated dream
Previous dreamwork had made it clear my mother had betrayed me; I asked my dreams how to protect myself from those who do not love me...
SURRENDER TO THE WHITE BUFFALO: by Kathleen Sullivan, 1970s?; a nightmare turned shamanic
A gigantic herd of buffalo stampede toward me. I panic, then surrender in peace to what is surely my death...
WHALE SPEAKS: by Brenda Ferrimani; 2014?; an epic dream painting
I dreamed I was a whale swimming against a Christian ebb tide, trying to lead humans to a cleaner spiritual current...

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