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Girl in the Water

Two dreams, 2000/10/7, by Wayan
For the last two Native Americans in San Fernando Valley
and the last two native San Franciscans in J-town

That Day

I'm building the World Dream Bank--as I have been all year. Obsessed. Today I tackle a pack of nightmares: Arteria, Bill Cosby's Wife, and In El Rio, or, Drinking with Filler.

Take a break. Walk around our hill with my friends Patagia and Alder, seeing Open Studios (artists sell direct from their houses or workplaces. Fun, cuz you get to see how other artists work.) The most striking: Diane Estrin's sexy photos, manipulated physically, not digitally--she takes giant Polaroids and either monoprints from the gunk or the emulsion peeled off in hot water, the skin manipulated and laid on other papers. Girl with a zigzag gingery flower, the same girl flying through dreamspace, back arched...

Dream 1: To San Fernando Spring

Teen on a train on a quest. She alights at San
Fernando Station. Not now, nor quite the past
But a mythic fork of braided time--a pristine
California undrilled--the black gold let sleep--
Flowering under blue, not our sad brown
Sky time.

She meets a young tribal girl astride
A gracile doe. Her guide. A buck beside;
Stouter guest-mount. On the two ride
In a cloud of deer, elusive herd, a mere
Shadow on pale sage. Over the hills
And gone.

Verdant. Paintbrush, poppy, lupine, lush
Beyond the San Fernando of our time
where just a remnant flash in spring. Here
Chin-high grass and redolent herbs tuft
Hill-shoulders. In every sweet oak-fold
Creeks rush.

Joyous they bound. Shade. Iris-blue.
Doe and child lead the quester to the Dell.
Bay laurels shade the banks of mint
Cupping the wild-violet spring. Here
they'll sleep tonight and pray
To dream.

Soul-work Eden isn't how I thought
Of San Fernando. Yet if you pried wide
Our tract homes, shy-shelled as their
tortoise ancestors, to divine within...
What slow hearts beat inside? What
Dreams under skin?

Two girls ride deer to a sacred spring in flowering hills. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

Dream 2: Sleeping Beauty's Attitude Problem

I'm in the lobby of a silver condo tower
Near Japantown Mall. In the marble center
of the lobby stands a glass cube of water
Dim-lit. No mere aquarium--looming taller

Than me. Enwombs a teen we know. Her hair
fans out lithe as smoke. Floats kelpish on her
back, skin rippled gold, lids shut in slumber,
Or meditation. Does she breathe air or water?

Some residents huddle and gossip about her.
Warn me "Watch out! She has a foul temper.
So catty!" Purrhaps. But whenever girl or tiger
Swims, baring amber, how monkeys do chatter!

I'm sure these antiflatterers sincerely hate her
Attitude. Beatitude. But I sense a soul calmer,
Serener than a Buddhist coastal otter.
Think I'll trust the dreamer in the water.

Girl meditates floating in huge aquarium. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

NOTES IN THE MORNING California native girl rides a deer in flowering hills. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

1: To San Fernando Spring

2: Sleeping Beauty's Attitude Problem

3: Both
Girl meditates, floating in huge aquarium. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
Let the monkey-gossips chatter!
You don't have to let them matter.

To San Fernando Spring: trains - time travel & parallel worlds - guides & friends - Native Americans - deer - flowers, beauty & scenery - solitude - dreamwork - a later dream of this spring: She Lives to 140
Sleeping Beauty's Attitude Problem: cities & towers - nudity & exhibitionism - swimming - meditation & trance - nags & critics - truth & lies - pariahs & solitude
Both: surrealism - babes, hunks & sexy creatures - meditation, dreamwork & creativity - solitude, focus & perseverance - dream poems - pencil dream-art

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