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She Lives to 140

Dreamed 2017/7/13 by Wayan


My friend Mark calls. He applied to a rental in a trailerpark where the association (not even his prospective landlady) wants every detail of his investments. To rent a room! He says "Hell no, I'm not giving you my personal data, why should I trust you with it? Here's proof I have a pension, that's all you get." They cave, he's in. Score one for crankiness.

My housemate Lisa complains the garage door's broken. The drive train of the opener just disconnected. Reconnect it--but it takes two. So I make Lisa help--and to get her to do anything, I have to be bossy. Hard for me, and she resents it. But now the door works. Score two for crankiness.

I read a few of Beatrix Potter's books for kids like Peter Rabbit and Squirrel Nutkin. They're pretty strange. I can't figure out what Nutkin's riddles are--or why he's spouting them--but he's not unusual; ALL her characters sing and chant truly peculiar stuff. She got rich off that, bought a farm, & lived there forever, feisty & independent. Score three for crankiness.

Read more of Glass House by Brian Alexander--how out-of-state capitalists wrecked his hometown. Holding companies ran the glass factory into ruin--the investors fire competent managers, since they bring unwelcome news. The town staggers on: the mayor and his wife are arrested for corruption, as formerly working people drift in & out of addiction & jail. They OUGHT to be rioting (score four for crankiness) but they never do. Unless you count voting for Trump. Who's easing regulation of the guys who looted their town...


The early 1800s. A sickly woman has some ongoing syndrome with recurring flare-ups like mine (possibly Lyme). She's advised to go to a Southern California spring to be healed--Palm Springs or San Fernando Spring?

She makes the move, and joins a monastery or spiritual retreat there... and never leaves! Lives there a full century, surviving to a record old age, at least 120, more likely about 140! Born in the stagecoach era--pre-steam!--she lived to see humans walk on the moon.

During that century, she was notoriously grumpy and impatient with fools. Very un-saintly! But being herself plus a simple austere life by the dream-spring led to health. Nothing else did.

I met her once. I was hiking up a mountain path; she was skateboarding down it. A centenarian-plus, skateboarding. In her black chadoor.

140 year old woman in a black chadoor rides a skateboard down a mountain path. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

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