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Dreamed 1990/5/17, drawn as a two-page digital comic, 1991, by Chris Wayan

You know how some days you can do anything? And others, no energy, no courage. Soul-winter. One night I dreamed I was on a sparse but living little world with an eccentric 2.9 day orbit around its small sun. One day of summer, nearly two of winter. And I knew this planet was me. America pushes you to be always strong, brave, active. Endless summer. But two days out of three, if I work, I waste my time! So Wayan warns you--find your own eccentricity, and sit out your winter. Sleep like the grass and mice and all sensible creatures. You can survive the other way--you'll live, and be rich, maybe. Just unhappy, unhealthy, unfree... like me. A driven artist. After all... why did you think I had this dream?

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