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Dreamed 1990/4/19 by Wayan


'Franky Furbo', portrait of a fox genius, by William Wharton.
Franky Furbo; sketch by William Wharton
Fox-couple. Dream sketch by Wayan.

Two months ago, I read Franky Furbo by William Wharton--a strange fable of a lost man who's lost because he's not a man but a fox--unaware. Until he meets his vixen.

That night, I dreamed of a fox-couple--not Franky and Raethe, a dysfunctional fox-couple. Each of them had admirable qualities, but their problems were serious ... and echoed my own. Estranged from my own body as well as from other people.

So I worked hard this winter in dance and acting classes--trust exercises, grounding exercises, trying to see myself true. Not the lies I was brutally taught.

Tonight I ask my dreams--how's my inner fox doing now?

I find out.


I find a talking fox's hidden nest. Tree-legs collect
guano to feed weird fungi. Brackets bulge and cling,

Leather shelves--fox furniture! The lair gullets down
to caverns. Once a grizzly's home. Ferocity long gone.

Today its foxy owner's liaison to the shy Ant Folk. I
enter the underworld door. Explore. "Hello?" But find

Only a secret rill, steadyflowed but small. Drains
out beneath a rockfall-face. Humans see no trace.

At last I meet Raethe: the mate of our elusive liaison.
Lovely, lithe. A transparent vixen, she goes mist

whenever she needs clarity--private as a ghost.
No mere fox; she's woman-wise. But I wonder

How she dines down under. Hunt the outer hills?
But her soul shines so kind--I can't believe she kills.

Never yet met her missing mate, the official Ant
Ambassador. But just from her, I know one fact.

In a world of crippled souls, to be loved by this
amazing Raethe proves him a heart intact.

Raethe, a beautiful vixen, in her underground home. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


Raethe, a sentient vixen. Dream sketch by Wayan.

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