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Telepath Country

Dreamed 2010/5/25 by Wayan

A grassy slope near dawn. A long
sweep down east to marshy flats. I'm on
the border of a land of telepaths. All
grotesque; none alike. A spherical
dwarf in lurid satin motley, swathed in all
six hues, a living colorwheel. And then
there's my acquaintance Muscle Man,
in a false tan spandex skin--
or else he's truly naked and
has no genitalia, just that bland
bulge. The Odd Couple--wrestler, dwarf--
argue, heat to steam--face off--
but what Shorty sees ain't Biggie's mien.
Ho ho. Tableau obscene.
Weird giants and dwarves on the border of Telepath Country; dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
Red robe to left; respectacled man
sits on a log, witnessing the dawn.
A healer-sage. He shoots the breeze
with a nontelepath, till tourist flees.

Well, telepaths do scare the mindeaf--all
your secrets bared. But I grew up soul-
nude! As an empath (it slithers in the family)
my life is one big emo soup sans boundary.
Often doubt what's really me, what's y'all.

So I'm blasé; I figure he'll be too.
"Hi." He turns; his far side swings into view.
Face a ruin scarred. Trauma or birth? Do
all past the border look this freaky grim?

In seconds though, I regain my calm--
still scent Mr Normal's panic in the dawn
air--shock at the lizardy scar, but, too,
guilt that he cascaded so,
and shame the doc can see! Snowballed,
red-faced in endless mirror-hall.

Warned by his flight, I try to stay guilt-free,
damp the loops of self and just ask openly
"Whoa, how'd that happen?" Then move on,
ask guidance through the bare-mind realm.

All that telepaths can bear for long
is rigorous naïve calm. The coin
to cross a realm: be calm.



I had to get on it. Seven weeks earlier, my mom had died; she'd named me executor for her large estate. For nearly a year I scrambled to learn the ins & outs of IRS estate law, capital-gains rules in flux, and California's crazy housing market. When the dust settled, my sisters and I each had enough to retire on, with care. I'd been a poor artist scraping by on my wits; suddenly cash wasn't my bottleneck! I invested in social/ethical funds. In two years I went from broke to millionaire.

My new bottleneck was health. I'd been ill for years, but back then, poverty took priority. Now I had resources to throw at my recurring fevers... After a few years of trying stuff, I stumbled on a regimen that works; I'm a lot healthier. I seem to work best in these Few-Year Plans, focused on solving one intractable problem at a time. I wonder if the time's ripe to cross another scary border, to fulfill longings and ambitions I had neither money nor strength for in the old days: love, travel, books to publish, songs to record.

Anyway, back in 2010 I was baffled what Telepath Country meant--except it clearly meant some uncomfortable stretch. But I never foresaw how much of a stretch.

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