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1989/4/12; early digital picture by Chris Wayan

Inspired by psychedelic posters for sixties SF bands. This was one of my first computer paintings, done on an Amiga. I know it looks like an altered photo, but it isn't; that was nearly impossible then. Painted from scratch, sideways, because that was the only way to fit it on that low-resolution screen--I rotated it years later when that was possible.

Meditating guru in tan X-rays reveals multicolored chakras; around him, psychedelic convoluted pipes and paths intertwine.
Why the guru? Well, whenever you crashed an Amiga (that is to say, often), a Guru appeared and gave you coded "meditations" on the likely causes of the crash that may have been comprehensible to software developers but were no more useful to me than most human guroid pronouncements. But its sincere if useless attempts to communicate characterized the Amiga perfectly, just as much as that cute, slick, unhelpful, insulting little bomb of the early Macs--like those roadsigns warning "BUMP" just after you already hit it.

The seven chakras herein are not too authentic. Mine are all scrambled anyway. Or the tradition is. Don't believe all you read! There's way more individual variation in chakras and energy fields than traditional mystic texts admit.

Take it from one who doesn't know.

All I do know, really, is what I sense when I meditate kundalini style, or am around people raising that sort of psychic energy. And that's what I've painted; a portrait, not of a person, but of my sensory state. It's pretty wild, but it's also... well... real.

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