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Were-Dogs Aren't Racist

Dreamed 1974/3/31 by Wayan, age 19

Berkeley. I take an athletic test--a scholarship for girls.
Funny--up till lunch I was a boy. Oh well, I often shift.

Wait--that's dreams. This is real! Yet I feel... a script.
Who's writing my tranny tale? We must endure
Whatever our author unseen (fe or male) unfurls.

After I've run jumped climbed swum myself limp
(Know I did well; well enough for a grant?) I reward
Girljock me. Meet a friend for a film. We're in line
Outside Shattuck Theater when I witness... it.

Near us in line is a talking dog. Saw him at our tryouts. Yes,
Him. A male they let compete. Why not? Girls and dogs get
Kicked and petted equally. Here in the land of the free.

He did pretty well for a dog. For a girl. Maybe he'll win a grant
Too. He's talking to friends in line. Well, mumbling, because
He's holding a paper lunchbag in his teeth. Since no hands.

Jostled by a tall, he drops the bag. A beefbone tumbles out.
Bereft of his talisman, the dog rears into a young black man.

Were-dog! My friend gasps in shock. Not at metamorphosis
(Berkeley's now a Sanctuary for the Were) but metaphor. He
Blurts "Our scriptwriter's saying black men are dogs!
Our author's racist!" With that Berkeley hiss.

The weredog--ex-dog--rolls his eyes. Berkeley! Oh, he
Doesn't need to say it aloud. Not to were-girl me.

In line for a movie, a talking dog carrying a lunch sack. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


But I was wrong. It WAS just a dream, a cynical dream. Berkelians don't shoehorn our shapeshifting lives into their narrow little worldview and call you a racist at the drop of a doggie bone. Just ask Milo Yiannopoulos, queer speaker if not were-speaker, kept from speaking by our pepper-spraying heroes of free speech.

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