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Xie Meng

Mid-February 2002, digital picture of dream figure by Chris Wayan

My spirit wife Silky came to me in a dream, in cat form. She said "I'm here to remind of something you've been neglecting this last year, as you finish the World Dream Bank. You're turning into an American workaholic--and while you obsess on drawing and painting your old dreams, you're neglecting to write the new ones!"

It's felt so satisfying to achieve some closure about dreams from years back that nagged me to tell them, paint them, sculpt them... but she's right that this project, like ANY big art project, robs the present to enshrine the past.

Silky is the present. The nicest present anyone could ever want.

My anima, Silky, a cat-girl, on a flowery hillside, with a dreamjournal beside her, writing a message in Chinese on the air: 'Write your dreams!'
The Chinese characters she's written on the air say "Xie meng" (pronounced halfway between "she-eh" and "see-eh", then "mung"). They mean, "write dreams." Present dreams, not just the past.

That's our dream-journal, of course, on the hill beside her. Waiting.

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