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Dreamed 1998/8/19 by Chris Wayan

I'm lying naked in a deck chair, sunning. On the train! All the new trains are retro decadent, like 1930s liners. Nude sun decks and more...

Lying next to me is a girl about twenty. We struck up a conversation fifty miles back. She's a beginning writer; she's eager to read a bit to me, but the sun's so fierce she needs her shades. "Now where did I put them..." I notice a strange flap on the left side of her vagina, bigger than normal labia. It folds over to seal her vagina--like velcro. But when she looks for her glasses it flaps open on its own, prehensile as a lip, and she reaches in and pulls out her shades.

She laughs when she sees how startled I am. "Every girl keeps an essential item or two in there" she purrs. "Hey--you wanna check? Seeeee what I haaaaave?"

A nude sunbather on a train pulls sunglasses out of her vagina and urges me to protect my eyes! Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
I'm embarrassed, but excited, too. So excited, I wake up!

But I wake knowing this dream isn't just about sex, sexy though it was, isn't just a hint that someone I know is interested in me. It's also warning me to get UV shades. Bare my sex if I want to, but protect my eyes!

After all, I'm an artist and writer. I need them to last.

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