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Werecat Syndrome

Dreamed 2017/4/24 by Wayan

A girl lounging in ferns pets a lynx-sized cat. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

My family's inherited a rare, recessive condition called WS--Werecat Syndrome. We don't suffer a werewolf's full-moon cycle; our transformations are unpredictable. And we rarely go full-cat. Often the shift is partial--a tail, cat ears, eyes, retractable claws. Or subtler yet, just a sensory or emotional shift to a feline view.

A team of social/medical workers fuss over us now, documenting different aspects of WS:

None of them really tackle what it's like. They assume cat-urges are all savage, predatory--like the old horror film Curse of the Cat People! As if we wouldn't have the brains to stay well-fed when human, so our cat-selves can play safely. Even as big cats we have sharp minds and memories; we know to mind our manners, sheathe our claws! Cats always can--when they want to. Our morals don't atrophy; it's our senses, emotions and sensuality that change. And they don't regress, they intensify.

None of these people dare to ask about sex.

Maybe with a little help. I go full cat--puma size, but not puma shy--and sidle up to the cutest women (all writers: reporter, poet, and scriptwriter) and rub up against them and purr...

We'll see who purrs back.



Turns out my family really HAS inherited a rare mutation causing Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Overlooked by our doctors for fifty years. And yet it shaped our lives.

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