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Dreamed 1989/8/1 by Chris Wayan


My sister Miriel tells me how our dad's putdowns devastated her. Though she's scary smart, she still FEELS stupid. Because our dad, undeniably brilliant himself, said so repeatedly. I never knew, because he took care not to do it when I was around! Very revealing. He knew what he was doing, and that I'd disapprove as much as our mom or our sister Althea!

After a long heavy talk, we're both tired. To reward ourselves, we go see one of the "Emmanuelle" movies. I forget the title, but it's her sexual adventures in the jungle with another girl. We both like girls, so we're into it.

Then Miriel goes off to an interview--she's applied to a school teaching traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. It's a rigorous five-year program. She wonders... is she doing it because she loves healing, or just to prove Dad's sexism wrong?


I have a vivid sex dream (forgotten now). Just as I came, I wake up. I feel disoriented, and get up, stagger out of bed in the dark, through my apartment. I try to be quiet as my sister's staying over in the living room.

But she's already awake. With friends. Two of them. Emmanuelle, and her girlfriend! The three of them are writhing on the futon, tongues up each others' cunts. I feel wildly excited and join them, my cock still hypersensitive from coming in my dream, but swelling instantly at the sight of my sister fucking. Feel feverish. Climb behind Miriel, and I try to slide inside her. Fumble, confused. She has a seam as if she's really a pillow! Oh, there it is. Find her true cunt and slide head of my cock around her labia.

Miriel says to the others as if resuming a slumber-party conversation, "There, that's what I meant! Boys just are clumsy, they don't know how to please." While her cunt is slippery, pushing up eagerly against me, her muscles clenching rhythmically... in near- or full orgasm. As she goes on denying it all with her UPPER mouth, I find her clit and stroke it very slowly. She shakes all over but goes on explaining how "Guys just don't listen, girls understand girls better." Her hand keeps my cock from entering her, pulls the head of it instead to her clit. With the upper half of my cock sliding in her slit and my cock's underbelly in her warm little hand, I come there, bumping her clit till finally, finally, FINALLY my sister falls silent. And comes and comes and comes.

We curl together on the floor, sister and brother, as I nuzzle her neck. I whisper "I love you, Miriel."

She lifts her head, rubbing against me lovingly, pats my cock, and says to Emanuelle, "As I was saying about boys..."


Well. In the morning, I've learned a little something about the difference between words and deeds.


I know, I know, the story should end there, but life doesn't, and this didn't. I ran into Miriel at work. She's furious because she thinks she was rejected by the alternative med school she applied to. Instead of the regular interviewer, she got a guy who asked her no questions, just LECTURED her, bringing up her relationship with her boyfriend, who just graduated from the school! He saw Miriel as just an extension of him, a me-too, a groupie! "He didn't take me seriously," she says. Winds down at last with... "Maybe I should give up men completely and just be gay."

At that, I can't resist. I tell her my dream, though I leave the incest with me out, I can't face that yet. But I tell of the girls' orgy, and her rant about boys never listening... that rant that sounds more like our mom than our mom does! Only now, in context, it doesn't sound like it's about my life. I was picking up Miriel's fury on Channel One again!

Miriel starts laughing as she hears our mom's anti-male voice coming out in her dream-rant... then she says "Yeah, it's true, women are just as prone to seeing me as a bimbo. And why shouldn't they, when I still feel like it myself?"

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