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White Snake Dream

Dreamed April 1, 1998; painted 1998, acrylic on panel, 42 x 36Ē, by Jenny Badger Sultan

I am on an outing with several friends. We are on a grassy hill. I am on a higher level, a kind of a path-like area, and they are below.

In the grass near me I see a large snake. It weaves in and out of the grass. It is whitish with beige markings; in some places it seems translucent. I call down to the others, I want them to see this amazing snake. I canít get their attention--I donít want to call too loudly and scare the snake away.

It curls and unwinds and undulates. It is very thick in places. Sometimes I think one part is its head but then I see that itís actually another part, which is smaller and more slender.

Finally the snake writhes over the edge and down to the long grass where my companions are. Surely they will see it! Itís not clear they do, however--they are on their way hiking up the bank to my area.

White Snake Dream
I had this dream two days before leaving for my first trip to Malta. It was a time of heightened feeling and the dream seemed like an introduction to an extraordinary experience.

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