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After He Died

Dreamed early 1990s? by Jane O. Wayne

The compression of the following dream astounded me. It found its way into a poem about grief which starts with these lines:

After he died,
I dreamed that the phone rang
and when I said "hello",
his slow throaty voice rising slightly,
holding on to that last syllable
said "good bye"--

How could my waking mind match that dream in all its brevity!

--Jane O. Wayne--


This dream-poem fragment is from Night Errands: How Poets Use Dreams (ed. Roderick Townley, University of Pittsburgh Press, 1998). I still haven't been able to find the whole poem--not named in Night Errands--but I think it's "Revenant", in her 1996 collection A Strange Heart. Wayne's other books include Looking Both Ways (1984) and From the Night Album (2007).

--Chris Wayan--

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