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Dreamed 1998/8/10, painted 1999; acrylic on plywood doorskin; by Chris Wayan

I dreamed I was painting a large square landscape of a natural arch like Rainbow Bridge (which I hiked up to at 15) with one odd detail: in the dream I paint myself as a somewhat younger girl, twelve or so, climbing up off the path, and stumbling on two older girls making love on a ledge, behind some brush. Startled and excited, I had to face that I had lesbian feelings--the first time my orientation became undeniable.

Me as a kid finding two older girls making love in the bushes

Except... this never happened, not in my childhood or in the dream--just in the painting IN my dream!

And the dreampainting didn't focus on the sexual revelation. It was if to say "emotional issues can be a minor element in what's mainly a landscape. Get some perspective!" Let human drama fill only one tiny corner of an image--more like the tiny oasis it is, in a huge, busy, rather dry universe.

Greater artists can make our small importance darkly funny, as when Brueghel played with death in his painting The Fall of Icarus: the foreground's so nice, you hardly notice the poor kid's splashdown, way off at sea.

a painting of a natural arch, with me very small, finding two girls making love in the bushes. Click on image to enlarge.
But what's my dream telling me to put into perspective, as something minor? Sex in general? Or something more?


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