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Baby's Coming

Dreamed late summer 2011 by Bruno Oliveira

I’m a young pregnant girl standing just outside one of the hospitals in my town. The emergency services guys are outside for a chat among themselves, apparently required to stay there since the only phone perfectly working is a black ugly one in the outside wall. I decide to go home on foot, despite being five or six months pregnant. It’s not so far from the hospital, and you go downhill most of the way.

On the way, a young woman with a newborn baby stops me. She looks very poor. She asks “Do you know the name of the horse race that's going to happen very soon at that ranch not so far from here?”

I answer “Hey, why the hell should I know? I’m hungry. Please excuse me.”

Back at home, I heat up my lunch in the microwave. I comment “I’m getting a bit fat beyond my swelling belly" and my mom tells me “That’s what you get for not using condoms.” She adds “A year after the baby is born you should find a job!”

What kind of mom is that?!


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