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Dreamed 1996/11/4 by Chris Wayan

A Star Trek future. Meet a dark-haired woman in her twenties, who's dressed as an Enterprise officer, though she's not. An imposter! The ship is empty, though, or it's been duplicated, so she's the only one on board at first. No one to challenge her but me, and I'm no Starfleet officer myself.

Others board. Who are they? They clearly didn't expect anyone, but they accept her as genuine and try to fool her into thinking they're crew too, crew she never met. It's possible--the Enterprise is big.

To me they seem like petty criminals with ambitions--not too bright. I'm not sure what her original game was, but she mistrusts the new crowd, and finally sticks a tiny phone in her ear and calls Mr Spock from the original Star Trek. She describes how she's behaving, asks "Is THAT what someone with genuine Starfleet training would do?" and he sees her point--she's not that convincing, so why haven't they challenged her? They have to be worse frauds than her!

She thinks they're trying a hijack; she strings along the others quite cleverly till Spock can get a cop there. At last Odo the shapeshifter arrives. He grows wings to fly up to a hatchway high on the wall, indeed he changes several times, but all his forms are oddly clumsy. I sense he'd be better off in a single fast, athletic form, maybe a leopard with opposable thumbs, something that can leap and climb and pounce on bad guys--and stick with that for the duration, instead of stopping to think about change after change, risking getting caught helpless in transition. Half a wing is no wing at all!

In contrast, the woman who's faking can really think on her feet. An admirable sense of priorities. She's up to some scam, but she has her ethics and these people were just too sleazy for her. She didn't even think to ask for amnesty for herself, just felt a responsibility to stop them from hijacking a starship. Too many weapons.

Ironic--the ship was full of frauds. But such different frauds!


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