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1995 crayon drawing by Chris Wayan.

All I know is, this black iron cauldron full of goo sent a tentacle up that grew into a delicate saurian head, crested, big-eyed, fin-eared. But what was the full dream? When? What was the context? Lost in my notebooks so far. Hard to keep track when you're pushing 20,000 of them (boast or cringe? Can you say ob-ses-sive, boys and girls? Very good!) I wanted to include this partly to show that even I can't track of 'em all. You're bound to have a few loose ends--images you'll never quite track...

A delicate creature rises from a cauldron of black goo
And if there's a band out there in need of a name, by all means consider Cauldron of Goo. So much gunkier than Wall of Sound...

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