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The Cuteness Pageant

dreamed 2008/8/29 by Wayan
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Beauty contestants in a world where we're all cutesy manga. Sketch of a dream by Wayan. Click to enlarge. Shakespeare was wrong. All the world's no stage:
it's manga. Worse yet, we're all cartooned
in the style known as Super-Distorted:
topheavy babydolls, toes all gone,
flipperlimbs, and nary a neck,
squat as a fetus aborted.
And we overact.

A cloying incarnation! Still, no need for me to rant:
just a style. The Big Cartoonist won't or can't
write your soul-script. You sketch that
in, deed by deed. Still, I wanta
punch the nose of manga--
you see, I gotta

judge the Cuteness Pageant! And to be fair,
I must see past, and crack on through,
that hardpan cartoon crust. Which
adorable contestants hide
lovely undertruths?

Sweet aquifers lurk. I sense some few
hide the deep beauty: spiritwells
I must dowse for, through
their bimbo sheen.

Ohh, what an airhead,



Beauty contestants in a world where we're all cutesy manga. Sketch of a dream by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


I live with double vision, always--both body and soul. But the mix can shift! I'm single and lonely right now; so I see body more, spirit less. The churches of the world are dead wrong! Sex helps you see others' character and spirits, helps you see people as people. You're not hungrily distracted, mate-hunting! And isn't it true for other hungers too? Capitalism makes you financially anxious, so you hunger to make money off every soul you meet! And what of politicians and religious nuts, hungry for followers or leaders--not people!

Sketch of a dream by Wayan: a beauty contestant in a world where everyone's cutesy manga. A beauty contestant in a world where we're all cutesy manga. Sketch of a dream by Wayan. Click to enlarge. But when you have enough, when the famine-fear fades,
your innerbeast relaxes. She's freed now to play!
So Spirit Wolf lopes from your torso out.
Or you can fast on down to naught

till Appetite just gives up. The old ascetic way--
and when life was "nasty, brutish and short",
'twas oft the sole recourse if you sought
a soul; enough could not be got.

But now, today, we're golden in the sun.
Enough is easier than none. But then
either path'll do. Relax, have fun!
Hungersleep lets soulsight in.

Just don't mess with
Mr. In Between!
Mr. Hunger,
he gets

This is Dreamverse #16. Every morn, a dream-poem. Even if my ring finger's sore, I must type on: my soul fidgets if I don't tell you my dream.
My super-pointless dream.

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