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Door of Eternity
(la porte de l'éternité)

Dream-painting (oil and sculpture on canvas), early 2000s?, by Marie-Claude Girondé

Dream-based oil painting, 'Door of Eternity' (la Porte de L'Éternité), by Marie-Claude Girondé; 81 cm x 54 cm.

Si on colle l'oreille ŕ la porte des livres et aux portes de la nuit, si on fait bien attention, on peut entendre la conversation des počtes.

"If you put an ear to the door of books and the doors of the night,
if you pay attention, you can hear the conversation of poets."

--Claude Roy

Photo of painter Marie-Claude Girondé


Maybe this painting's off-topic: not based on a specific dream. But its layers feel to me like a vivid image of dreamwork. Dreams (mine at least) aren't just many-layered but not hierarchical; you can't say one layer is "true" and the rest mere symbolism or disguise. The roses, the book, the pencils are as real as the clouds, even though each level may seem a mere symbol to the others. Even the wallpaper of waking is a reality, not a mask... though a bit flat, at times.

--Chris Wayan

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