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Dreamku Posted in January 2007

Dreamed various dates up to January 2007 by Roswila [aka: Patricia Kelly]


A photo in the 1974 program of the second Star Trek convention ever held in New York City

This month's dreamku have more scifaiku-like [sci-fi-haiku] themes (space, fairies, galaxies, Star Trek, etc.) than I've come to expect, so may seem further from being haiku or even senryu than usual. There's also more humor than I usually note in a month's worth of my dreamkus. Though humor is not unusual in regular or classic haiku by others and even in my scifaiku, it does tend to be in short supply in my dreamku. At least humor that I intend. :-)

A friend once said that she was quite puzzled by most of my dreamku, that they were rather different from "regular" haiku. I agree that the themes of my dream haiku are almost always quite different from non-dream haiku. However, what one of my dream haiku asks is to take on the dream image as if it were our own and see what that feels like, or what thoughts it generates. And how different is that from what non-dream haiku request of us? That is, non-dream haiku offer a moment for us to try on, or to get inside, as opposed to telling us what to experience or think.

So here are this month's dream haiku for you to try on. You can't get any of these "wrong." These are not puzzles to be figured out or solved. They are simply open for your experiencing... if I've done my job well enough setting the dream stage, and have also resisted the urge to give too much stage direction. That last may be the case in a few of these dream haiku below, i.e. I've over-directed. But I survive to dire... oops!... write again. :-)

I should mention that these haiku were not necessarily written on the date they were posted, nor were their source dreams dreamt on that date. I choose a dream haiku to post on any given day by looking through my handwritten notebook and picking one that appeals to me for one reason or another. The dream haiku in this little notebook are based on dreams I had from yesterday all the way back to many years ago. I do have the month and year of the dream recorded with the haiku so I could sort all these dream haiku in date order of their source dream should I ever want to.


January 1, 2007

we transmute
into fairy-like slaves
I discover flight

January 2, 2007

no time off
computer glitches repeat
in my dreams

January 3, 2007

galactic journey
we seek the lost
steering mechanism

January 4, 2007

I turn his rage
into a silly food fight
fruit in my ear

January 5, 2007

she tries to get by
the knot in the food line
magic camp

January 6, 2007

quarantine...sunrise on the beach

January 7, 2007

she rinses me off
from head to foot
full service

January 8, 2007

the toddler wanders
through an adult-filled room
neck ache

January 9, 2007

she held us each
in her open-ended view
we release her now*

*Based on a dream of 1/7/07 about my 86-year-young friend who just died.

January 10, 2007

the sudden free fall
of the elevator
surviving bottom

January 11, 2007

trying to hold
the river in a net
haiku after haiku

January 12, 2007

she'd offer a child
a wonderful heritage
gene envy

January 13, 2007

eons ago they
split into two species
their forbidden love

January 14, 2007

going places:
their wheelchairs draw power
from the third rail

January 15, 2007

grief numbs
she dances on the rocks to
reduce them to sand

January 16, 2007

George Clooney naked:
a cranky and stumbling
Greek statue

January 17, 2007

Moses the cat
rejects his usual food
where will this lead

January 18, 2007

influence trap
she paints the mask
a pale aqua

January 19, 2007

she takes over
my bedroom

January 20, 2007

I meet her in one
of her current three lives

January 21, 2007

jammed in the doorway
beware of old friends
bearing gifts

January 22, 2007

the huge tree extends
an intricate limb toward me

January 23, 2007

tricked into
meeting with the enemy
only exit

January 24, 2007

she distills symbols
for the day's hurts

January 25, 2007

we stalk rich folk
in our old jalopy
moonlight joy ride

January 26, 2007

falling through space
at the speed of the earth
hanging on

January 27, 2007

snow on the way
dream of my father

January 28, 2007

whose butt is bigger
I both fear and want to win
this contest

January 29, 2007

the star ship crew
piles up in an orgy
Captain Kirk's grin

January 30, 2007

Mama comes back to life
in good health
crowded kitchen*

January 31, 2007

free and clear
her rain soaked
formal gown clings

*Note to 1-30-07:
After initially posting this ku as:
Mama in good health
comes back from the dead
crowded kitchen
I felt uncomfortable. The word "dead" is so heavy in the context of what was a lovely dream...
...and the inversion between the first and second lines serves no purpose so it's awkward.

Then as I was climbing the three flights of stairs to my apartment it hit me how I could improve on the ku and the version above is what I've come to. Maybe all that climbing exercise got some blood to my poor brain? :-D

'til next time, keep dreaming,



On Roswila's own site, these dreamku were posted in one endless column. I have pasted them into a rough calendar form. This may impose a false three-day rhythm, but also displays a week's dreamku at once, revealing the echoing and evolving themes that appear as Roswila dreams about her writing and writes about her dreaming. Self-sculpting bonsai!

--Chris Wayan

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