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The Ex-Goddess

Dreamed 2010/11/9 by Wayan

I meet a goddess, polynamed, forgot--outlived all
her cults. But as our age says gods are dead, she
reads a crystalball.

A man we know knows three eyes are a lie. Playfully
perverse, she tells him alone the truth--her real
names and history.

But he hears evasion--a fortuneteller's fraud.
Sad. Funny! He scorns her wry Apollo-
gy of a burned-out god.

"At least I'm safe. He won't pray to me! I might
grant. Mortals love miracles--damn the cost. So
easy to pray that I'll smite

"neighbors. But plague's a loyal dog: comes home.
And invasions! When whole starving nations
cross deserts, a goddess alone

"can't dam the blood flood. Well, wouldn't--war
to save my leeches? Genocide? So my cults died
and I retired. No more!

"I just do magic, reject all claims. Welcome friends
who let me be." Skeptic's leery, but I find her ador-
able. In the non-seraphic sense.

Ex-goddess with a crystal ball. Chalk dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
Source of dream illustration of ex-goddess: life-drawing by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


Rather than try illustrating this from scratch...

Here's the sketch to compare.

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