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Exuberant Balloons

Dreamed c. 1985 by Pauline Ramsey

A snowscape. I'm standing with a friend on a brick bridge arching over a frozen river. From under the bridge, a speedskater appears. Male or female? Not sure. He or she is skating up the frozen river away from me, moving fast, crouched over in that speed-skater movement. He was holding on tightly to a clutch of brightly coloured balloons. Red, blue, yellow; every colour you can think of. They billowed out behind him as he skated away.

I turned to my companion and said something like "Oh, why haven't I got a camera!" I'm amazed at the beauty of the scene. The pale snow, the bright balloons. The exuberance of the skater's energy!

It's been years, but I can still see it now.

Foreground: two skaters on a frozen river trail seven big, colorful balloons; the dreamer watches from a brick bridge in the background. Pine hills all round.

I wanted to capture the spirited image to show to everyone. It still almost seems too beautiful to try and take it apart to analyse. I'm suspicious of Freudian readings. I think one would probably suggest the frozen river was my frozen sexuality. The balloons being held so tight, wanting to be free, were my psyche telling me to let go and don't be so uptight. But I don't know! What do you think?

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