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Dreamed 1968 by Marilyn Stablein
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Nepalese print of a (snow?) leopard Ants steal the parchment. Rats gnaw the
wooden butter churn. In the monastery kitchen the
Tibetan cook announces the third famine in two
months. We reconsider what's edible then add weather
charts, leather laces and walking sticks to the menu.

Cupboard doors rattle their losses.
Ice shrouds the oven.

Even the ghosts are hungry. There is no peace.
A yowl demands soup. The ceiling fractures. Temple
winds are lenient but the hungry are mean.

Curses from twenty-nine directions
and in vivid 3-D.

SOURCE: More Night Travels to Tibet by Marilyn Stablein, 2011, Shivastan Publishing (, "... a series of prose-poems based on actual dreams first recorded in 1968 when living and studying in the Himalayas for six years."

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