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Erotic portrait of dream self, digital (loosely based on old photo), 2001, by Chris Wayan

This fox-girl is a self-portrait, really. One of the reasons I'm so blunt about baring everything on the Web is that face to face I've always felt a strange combination of exhibitionism and wariness. I'm comfortable at a nude beach, or even posing nude in a room full of clothed people. But try getting me to bare my feelings, face to face! It's not coyness: sex lures me, attention excites me... but soon as human eyes turn to me, the real me, not my mere skin, I get wary as a wild animal. I want that fan to hide that I'm not quite human.

nude fox-woman with fan half-hiding her face
For, like Japanese people whose families were rumored to be tainted with fox-blood, I grew up shunned, being told I wasn't quite human...

and I believed them. I still do.

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