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A set of sketches prompted by a 1994/9/9 dream; pencil, each ca. 6 x 8", by Chris Wayan

For several years I had recurring dreams of tall, lanky faun-women, with wolf- or mare's tails, and legs like grayhounds. Finally I dreamed I was in ancient times, leaving a sacred island doomed to drown--probably Thera, the origin of the Atlantis myth. With me, I took no treasure, no food, nothing... except a set of sketches of sphinxes or fauns or dryads, mixing animal and human features. The dreams thought such images were that important! So when I woke, I started drawing...

As a group they had forceful characters--assertive and unapologetic, where I'm shy.

Digitigrade faun-girl with mare's tail, sitting for a portrait, profile.
A mare-tailed faun girl in a typically show-off pose. I don't know if I can catch the irony and kindness and humor in her face, characteristic of her and her sisters in these dreams.
Face of a faun-girl, tilted forward, looking off to her right.
Next, two figure studies of digitigrade balance--showing why ballet needs fauns. Life on your toes! Invisible, natural high heels...

It took me a while to realize it was this effortless toe-balancing that made the fauns stand so tall and model-like... sexy but intimidating.

Sepia pencil sketch of faun-girl with mare's tail and fox-legs, arms raised. Pencil sketch of faun-girl with mare's tail and fox-legs, stretching to full relevee...
Took longer to realize that "being on your toes" was symbolic... was advice.

So were their escapades. I watched them coolly do things I wouldn't dare. They never did them to or with me--they weren't sex dreams in that sense. I just witnessed. Slowly, though, I realized they were teaching me using parables. Assertion parables. The bolder the better. To make me wish I were like them... and then realize I am.

A horse-tailed faun-girl licks her sister
Only I'm not, not yet. I'm still too shy. I mean, I'm sitting here, writing notes for this website--not out there finding a faun-sister with a raspy little tongue...

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