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1995, crayon, 14X17", by Chris Wayan

I had the flu and couldn't go to life-drawing class, so instead I found an ad of someone modeling a swimsuit, and drew her, simply omitting the swimsuit. I loved the dramatic pose, which is easy to snap a photo of, but would be hell for a live model to hold for long minutes--your neck and arms would kill you.

Blonde woman, profile, reaching above her head, looking intently up
Art teachers prefer live models--beginners need practice in translating 3d to 2D--but I recommend trying figures from photos now and then--especially for dramatic poses or motion blurring or mid-air jumps: things live models just can't sustain long enough for you to see properly, let alone draw. I wonder if that's the real reason old paintings look so still: before photography, it was all live models, and they couldn't fake action, or even sustain some still poses long enough to catch...

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