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Figure Drawing: SILKY ON FUR

Sanford erasable crayon (plastic not waxbased, so pencil eraser will undo errors!), 1983/6/18 by Chris Wayan

I was sick at home, so I sketched this from a photo in Oui or some such sex mag with European pretensions. I felt a bit guilty--not about the sexplicit pose but because... the furs in the photos looked real. Still, I don't think SHE was inciting anyone to go murder a mink or whatever, even if the photographer or art director was clueless about cruelty to animals. Speaking from experience, sex on high quality fake fur feels just as good and it's cruelty free.

Smiling woman on furs, waving her butt. Crayon sketch by Wayan.
The model had a perfectly nice face, but masked in heavy eyeshadow & lipstick. And she was clearly urged to scowl and pout "sexily" in that fashion-industry way. Feh.

So I found myself substituting the face of a childhood friend, from memory (yes, she grew up this beautiful).

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